Pro HR Recruitment


negotiable Expires in 4 months


Fluency in Russian and Azerbaijan languages;
Have experience in working with clients;
Have experience as an administrator;
Office ownership;
Have knowledge in the use of the cash register.
1. Carries out work on the effective and cultural service of visitors, creating comfortable conditions for them.
2. Provides control over the safety of material values.
3. Consults visitors on issues related to the services provided.
4. Takes measures to prevent and eliminate conflict situations.
5. Considers claims related to the unsatisfactory customer service, carries out the necessary organizational and technical measures.
6. Oversees the appropriate design of the premises, monitors the placement, updating and state of advertising inside the building and on the building.
7. Ensures cleanliness and order in the room and in the area adjacent to it or the building.
8. Controls the observance by subordinate employees of labor and production discipline, rules and norms of labor protection, requirements of industrial hygiene and hygiene.
9. Informs the management about the existing shortcomings in customer service, measures taken to eliminate them.
10. Ensures the fulfillment by employees of the instructions of the management of the enterprise, institution, organization.
11. Complies with the Internal Labor Regulations and other local regulatory acts of the organization.
12. Complies with internal rules and regulations of sales, safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection.
13. Ensures cleanliness and order at the workplace
14. Performs, within the framework of an employment contract, orders of employees to whom he is subordinate according to this instruction.
Working conditions:
6 business days;
11 working hours (09: 00-20: 00);
1 hour for lunch.