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Director of Cable cluster

negotiable Expires in 8 months


Director of Cable cluster

  • Development, design, operation and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s products;
  • Ensure that business operations are efficient and effective and that the proper management of resources, distribution of goods and services to customers, and analysis of queue systems is conducted;
  • Communicate and stress company’s safety mission statement and culture through

all operations and systems so that it infiltrates employee’s actions.

  • Perform oversight of manufacturing, maintenance, and operation;
  • Manage employees and hands-on operation of the company’s manufacturing


  • Ensure manufacturing capabilities meet or exceed all industry and customer requirements for cost, quality and responsiveness;
  • Build manufacturing capacity infrastructure and integrate external manufacturing and facilities gained through acquisitions effectively;
  • Work on manufacturing plans, goals, and future product innovations;
  • Participate in senior-level negotiations with client companies and manufacturing partners;
  • Develop and manage budgeting and budget execution with a focus on product costs and margins;
  • Direct all production control and production process development partnering with key stakeholders in quality, purchasing and distribution;


Job qualifications and requirements:

  • 10-15 years of experience in product engineering, manufacturing engineering, management;
  • Experience in materials management, from planning through purchasing;
  • Success deploying commercial components into high-volume production with fast time-to-market and cost-sensitivity requirements;
  • Experience in developing supply chain strategy and meeting company strategy, performance objectives and customer expectations;
  • Excellent financial skills;
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills;
  • Excellent planning and administration skills;
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills, with the ability to balance production, development and maintenance

Education and Qualification

  • Master’s degree in engineering or Business Management;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills with proven ability to create and grow high performance manufacturing teams across multiple sites;
  • Working knowledge of supply chain development;
  • Demonstrated use of Lean or Kaizen principles and evidence of establishing a continuous improvement culture


Reporting line:

Directly reporting to General Director.