Temporary Employment:

Interested in using temporary staff? Employers use temps for a variety of reasons including convenience, time saving and to manage their workforce through the peaks and troughs in their business. Temporary workers can be engaged at a moment’s notice – sometimes within the hour and so can cover sickness or longer term absence such as parental leave and sabbaticals.
Pro HR Recruitment has a comprehensive temp workforce sourcing and management infrastructure that can deliver you the best temps instantaneously. We have hundreds of temps on assignment at any one time and can provide proven, trusted temporary staff to your organisation when you need them. We look after all payroll, taxation and legislative requirements – hiring temps is easy when you deal with our experienced Temporary Staffing Solutions team! All temps are fully skill tested and probity checked.

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Permanent Employment:

Based in Baku Pro HR Recruitment has one of the best dedicated permanent recruitment teams in Azerbaijan. We interview over 100 new job seekers every single month and our knowledge of the local market, makes us the ‘go to’ agency. Our recruitment consultants are the industry’s most experienced and connected, providing talent networks that are difficult to match. This means we have a constant supply of talent to provide employers.

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