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Training Programs

Training Programs


Our highly developed, customised training programs will be a valuable addition to every organisation and company due to providing focused and time effective short training programs to you and your employees. Our professional team provide training programs in English, Azerbaijani and Russian Languages

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Time Management Training

Time is valuable, and therefore, our Time Management training course will teach your employees how to stay organised and focused on tasks, manage time effectively in the work place, and to be more productive during the day.

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Effective Communication Training

Effective Communication is a key to success, as ineffective communication often leads to negative relationships, affect the business, and contribute to revenue loss. Our Effective Communication training program will provide you with the skills and techniques to manage every day communication in the  work place and teach you how to communicate verbally and in writing. 

Leadership Training

Leadership Training course will empower you with the essential skills and knowledge on how to drive performance, inspire people while focusing and concentrating on purpose and vision of your organisation.


Team Management Training

Team Management Training program will teach you how to develop your own management style, people management skills and effective performance in the work place while focusing on behaviors and performance of the team. 


Cultural Diversity Training

Cultural diversity training course will provide your employees’ with knowledge and tools they need to understand and manage diversity and different behaviors in the workplace. It will provide your team with basic understanding and management of people from collectivist and individualistic cultures which will positively contribute to customer satisfaction.


Customer Service

Customer Service, Hospitality, Basic Food Hygiene, Food Safety and Cocktail training courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills to deal effectively with food and beverage handling.  Our customer service training program is designed to teach you to understand your customers needs and expectations.